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Since I began writing about autism, I’ve received a lot of support from friends, acquaintances, and perfect strangers. I’m very grateful to Ruminate Magazine for providing a forum for my series Notes from the Spectrum, which currently stands at four installments. The series has had a profound effect on me already, giving me the chance…

Interview at Columbia College Chicago Lab Review Blog

Talking art and faith and publishing over at Columbia College Chicago’s Lab Review blog.

Writers Retreat: Lake Michigan

I spent the weekend on Lake Michigan with some of my best writing friends. We talked a lot, laughed a lot, worked, sang songs well into the night, even gave a sparsely attended but enjoyable reading at a small-town library. I wish I could say I came back refreshed, feeling rested. I came back sick,…

Teaching The football player who sits in the back corner of Expository Writing and doesn’t say much, then turns in a rather stunning personal narrative about what he learned from a child in Haiti who needed a glass of water. This was no fly-by-night church trip, but a longstanding engagement marked by humility and hope….

Poetry Reading: Wheaton College - Thursday, Feb 20 @ 3:30 PM

Hey, Chicago-area folks! I’ll be reading at Wheaton this Thursday @ 3:30 PM. Sure would love it if you could make it, and/or pass the word. Thanks!

How should we then live?

This morning I’m considering some important thoughts in the Wall Street Journal by Terry Teachout, in response to Bill Gates, who “questions why anyone would donate money to build a new wing for a museum rather than spend it on preventing illnesses that can lead to blindness. ‘The moral equivalent is, we’re going to take…

International Poets, Part 1: Adélia Prado

Adélia Prado: The Alphabet in the Park and Ex-Voto: Poems of Adélia Prado (Tupelo, 2013). This is where I say, indignantly, that the lack of awareness of Adélia Prado’s work by American poets and readers is a travesty, especially among readers of faith. The power of her poetry is so raw and, at times, almost…


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