Writers Retreat: Lake Michigan

I spent the weekend on Lake Michigan with some of my best writing friends. We talked a lot, laughed a lot, worked, sang songs well into the night, even gave a sparsely attended but enjoyable reading at a small-town library. I wish I could say I came back refreshed, feeling rested. I came back sick,…

Teaching The football player who sits in the back corner of Expository Writing and doesn’t say much, then turns in a rather stunning personal narrative about what he learned from a child in Haiti who needed a glass of water. This was no fly-by-night church trip, but a longstanding engagement marked by humility and hope….

Signs of Hope - Literary Edition

Two recent signs of hope today in creative literary endeavors: Looking for some short fiction with that burrito? Vanity Fair reports that Chipotle cups will now feature original stories by Jonathan Safran Foer, Toni Morrison, George Saunders, and others. In a second compelling story, The New York Times Arts Beat reports that “In Praise of…