Looking for Alaska at the Library Book Sale

I had a great conversation at lunch today revolving around The Hunger Games trilogy, which I just finished reading. Our talk then drifted to YA books in general. A dreaded question came up: “Have you read John Green?” I’ve avoided The Fault in Our Stars for a long time, feeling like I wouldn’t be able…

A Thrilling Thrift Store Haul

I just finished Kyle Minor’s first collection, In the Devil’s Territory, which I liked very much, and which, as of this writing, is still just $1.99 for Kindle (go get it). And I read a Middle Grade book called Lone Wolf, which Una really wanted me to read. At AWP in Seattle, I bought Kyle’s…

Poetry Reading: Wheaton College - Thursday, Feb 20 @ 3:30 PM

Hey, Chicago-area folks! I’ll be reading at Wheaton this Thursday @ 3:30 PM. Sure would love it if you could make it, and/or pass the word. Thanks!