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I had a great conversation at lunch today revolving around The Hunger Games trilogy, which I just finished reading. Our talk then drifted to YA books in general. A dreaded question came up: “Have you read John Green?” I’ve avoided The Fault in Our Stars for a long time, feeling like I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Quite simply, I’m afraid to read it. I know that’s wrong, and I’ll read it eventually. Just not yet. I said as much.

But my lunch companion said, “I really liked Looking for Alaska. You should try it.”

And I made a mental note to get the book soon.

So this afternoon, Casey and I went to the Hartford City Library Book Sale. I had low expectations, which were immediately exceeded. Sitting on the fiction table was a barely used copy of Looking for Alaska. I can’t wait to start it.

But the afternoon wasn’t over. I picked up gorgeous copies (at library book sale prices, measured in quarters) of:

Dear Mrs. Lindbergh, a debut novel by Kathleen Hughes (an Indianapolis native, as is John Green)

The Collected Stories by Amy Hempel, a 400+ page volume of some of the finest short fiction produced in the US in the last several decades

Do They Hear You When You Cry by Fauziya Kassinja, a memoir from Togo, West Africa

hc library

My summer reading list grows longer.

What’s on yours?


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  1. I love the gritty realism of that book. I’ve read it twice. The first time I was too young to understand and see the depth and beauty of it. The second, I couldn’t put it down. Did you finish it?

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