How should we then live?

This morning I’m considering some important thoughts in the Wall Street Journal by Terry Teachout, in response to Bill Gates, who “questions why anyone would donate money to build a new wing for a museum rather than spend it on preventing illnesses that can lead to blindness. ‘The moral equivalent is, we’re going to take…

Throwback Thursday: Winter Hike, 2009

(For the next few Thursdays, I’m going to rehash an old blog entry. (Don’t worry, there are only, like, five total.) This is just a fun way for me to connect my old [dead and wiped out] blog with this new one. Thanks for reading.) Winter Hike: Morning, Mid-December (Penfield, NY) “Angels whisper to a…

International Poets, Part 1: Adélia Prado

Adélia Prado: The Alphabet in the Park and Ex-Voto: Poems of Adélia Prado (Tupelo, 2013). This is where I say, indignantly, that the lack of awareness of Adélia Prado’s work by American poets and readers is a travesty, especially among readers of faith. The power of her poetry is so raw and, at times, almost…


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