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Other recent publications:

“On Teaching, Learning, and the Insidious Nature of Bad Christian Art” (essay) – Ruminate, Oct 2014

“The Tracks of My Tears” (essay) – Relief Journal, Oct 2014

Five Found PoemsArt House America, Oct 2014

“A Poetry of Reconciliation” (essay) – How to Talk Evangelical, April 2014

“Loving the Expanse” (essay) – Relief Journal, March 2014

“Tinsel in July: The Incarnational Power of (De)Tale” (essay) – Little Did She Know, Mar 2014

“Building ‘A Culture of Encounter'” (interview) – Art House America, Oct 2013

“Journey into Poetry” (essay) – TS Poetry, Aug 2013

“Living Maps: Into the Heart of the Heartland” (essay) – Books and Culture, July 2013

“Dispatches from the Flood Zone” (essay) – Ruminate, July 2013

For Jack and Amy, Upon the Occasion of Their New House (poetry) – Making All Things New, June 2013

“Beautiful Loser: Poetry at the Mall” (essay) – Good Letters, May 2013

“Praise Song to Blackford County, Indiana” (poetry) – The Cresset, Apr 2013

“Shining Like the Sun: An Antler Story” (essay) – Art House America, Mar 2013

“Making Culture in a Small Town Storefront” (essay) – This is Our City, a feature of Christianity Today, Feb 2013

“Diner, Midtown Manhattan” (poetry) – Perspectives: A Journal of Reformed Thought, Oct 2012

“Glimpes of the Labyrinth” (essay) – Fieldnotes, Sep 2012

“A True Name” (essay) – Art House America, Aug 2012

“Why All This Music?” (essay) – Good Letters, June 2012

“Loving Al Zolynas in Two Worlds” (essay) – Books and Culture, Sep 2011

“Faithful to the Work: An Interview with John Leax” (two-part interview) – The Other Journal, June 2011

“Dancing in Fields of Wheat and Chaff” (essay) – Art House America, Jan 2011


Co-authored with students:

“Writing Toward What We Will Become: A Conversation on Making Manifest (review) – Art House America, Feb 2014
(with Alex Moore and Mackenzie Jager)

“The Work of Memory” (essay) – Ruminate, Oct 2013 (with Paula Weinman and Becca Hartman)

“The Mountain Finds All Climbers: On John Leax’s Recluse Freedom (review) – Antler, Oct 2012
(with Robbie Maakestad and Hannah Hanover)