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Since I began writing about autism, I’ve received a lot of support from friends, acquaintances, and perfect strangers. I’m very grateful to Ruminate Magazine for providing a forum for my series Notes from the Spectrum, which currently stands at four installments.

The series has had a profound effect on me already, giving me the chance to articulate aspects of autism I’ve pondered for a long time, as well as discover other facets through the exploratory process of writing. I’ve done a lot of research and reading, enabling me to see a wide range of approaches to writing about autism, from those of medical professionals to parents to many autistic authors who think quite differently about the spectrum and neurodiversity. In the midst of working through the material and crafting my own writing, I’ve started to get a sense of both my ideas and my voice in this particular realm.

Each post has gained a good readership; some people have read them all while others have come along later. So I’m bringing the posts together in one place for anyone interested:

Part I: Alienation and Symbol

Part II: Riding While Autistic

Part III: Speaking the Words

Part IV: Q & A

Thank you again to Brianna and Renee and others at Ruminate for giving me the space to do this work, and thanks to all who have followed and come alongside me on this journey–especially the many who’ve left comments or written to me privately. The support helps very, very much.


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